Pakitan Railway Minister advise

Shalimar Express Derailed
Shalimar Express Derailed

Three bogies of the Lahore-bound Shalimar Express derailed at a place near Latifabad-Hyderabad underpass on Sunday. Minister of State for Railways Muhammad Jadam Mangrio advised the passengers to recite Durood Sharif while traveling by trains to ensure their safety because railway track is outdated, while trains and railway lines are also in appalling state.

The minister said that he would continue to inform the nation about the corruption in Pakistan Railways.

Dr AQ Khan wrote in the News few weeks ago that when Tartars were attacking Baghdad, Caliph ordered to recite Ayat Karima one hundred thousand times in all mosques of Baghdad.

AQ Khan says that while people of Baghdad were busy reciting, Tartars destroyed whole  Islamic state and killed hundreds of thousands of people and desecrated mosques where they were busy reciting.

The same Railway minister visited Sukkur railway station last month and gave a speach that he is satisfied to an extent from the department and minor problems will be sorted out soon and few days ahead this incident of Shalimar express happens.


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