“United we stand, Divided we fall”

General Ashfaq Kiyani
General Ashfaq Kiyani

At the start of the 118th Corps Commanders’ Conference commenced at the General Headquarters today Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kiyani said that present security situation requires that all elements of national power should work in close harmony to fight the menace of terrorism and extremism. Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Chairing the conference, the Chief of Army Staff, said that Pakistan is a sovereign state and the people of Pakistan under a democratic dispensation, supported by the Army, are capable of handling the present crisis in their own national interest.

He expressed his satisfaction at the standard and conduct of on going training in the filed formations as part of ‘Year of Training’. He said that Pakistan Army has developed full scale facilities to focus on Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) related operations.

This statement of Army chief is urging all Pakistanis to be united against all adversities and raises the morals of public. The present uncertainty conditions may be on a relief after this and people will feel them secured at least for the time being it is essential to build the nations moral high and who better than Army could do this.

Need Of Time
Need Of Time

Pakistan is a country where the joint family system still exists. We believe in unity. There is integrity in our country despite the barriers of distance, caste and linguistics. Unity is the binding force, which binds us all as one. There is no force stronger than the power of unity. There is a single spirit, a common intention and a sense of universal brotherhood. Call it human nature or anything else that humans naturally tend to bond with their fellow-men. We have enough reason to be united. The struggle of independence has emphasized the need and importance of unity. It reminds us of the unity and sacrifices of masses

Unity produces synergy, which is the outcome of mutual trust. Unity is our need in today’s state of deterioration. We have to stick together and act as one in order to survive. If we get divided, it will lead to self-deterioration and the deterioration of the society. We have to be united for our progress, for the progress of society and the progress of our motherland. It is the need of the hour.

Unity, Faith and discipline; the forgotten lesson must be reminded and revised to prosper.


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