Navel Invasion

It is not that there is naval invasion and war begins but it is more of a cultural war. The navel invasion has first on a rise from west but over the past few years it has been from across the borders. The media industry in India and to an extent in Pakistan objectifies women to sell their products. This objectification not only affects the status of women but it is also affecting our ethical values and culture. Whatever advertisement it is a women is there. They made things sale able.

Words like babe, hot, sexy are a part of even a child’s verbal communication now. They don’t know what nikah is but PHEERAY is familiar. Teen agers want to dress like the girls they watch on media. When I review flashback of my life I observe many changes we use to watch programmes on TV in the presence of elders. There was a check on our activities which helped us a lot in future. But when I compared this to modern time the scenario has been completely altered. Over exposure is sometimes dangerous too.

The content of foreign channels includes dancing and exposing navels by sassy girls even in ads and dramas now. The trend is on a high that even our local dramas are following it. Bold topics and scenes are now a part of every drama take example of Mulaqat on hum TV. Even advertisements are like that we can’t watch them with family. Multiple marriages and affairs are borrowed from Indian soaps. Band khirkion k peechay at TV One shows the story of elite class where many taboos are OK.

Ads of housing projects shows hugging couple. Fashion industry is also following international trends and you can see women wearing sleeveless shirts in lot of morning shows. It seems that media has been escaped from a prison and every one is showing whatever they want. There is no censor now.

This navel invasion is much severe than naval invasion and I am unable to see efforts to combat it. Media and concerned authorities should look into the matter.


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