Items required for IDPs or Swat

List of items required:

– Tents
– Clothing: Clothes of various sizes, Beddings, Shoes, Mosquito netting
– Toiletries: Tissues, Soaps, Dettol (antibacterial cleaners), Towels, Sanitary wear
– Food: Rice, Sugar, Flour (Atta), Onions, Potatoes, Pulses, Beans, Canned food, Biscuits, Cooking oil, Tea, Milk (tetra packs or powder), Safe drinking water.
– Utensils: Crockery, Buckets – buying it locally will be more effective
– Toys for children

– Medicines:
* Water purification tablets.
* Life saving drugs.
* Vaccines for malaria, cholera, typhoid, influenza.
* Pain killers including strong ones like morphine derivatives, tremadol, pethadine, kinz .
* Antibiotics e.g. tetnus, amoxil, gentamycin.
* IV cannulas
* IV Drip sets
* IV drips: normal saline, ringerlactate
* Local anesthetics (injections)
* Cotton bandages, cotton.
* Surgical instruments: e.g needle holders, forceps, tweezers.
* Suturing materials, Skin staples.


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