Shortage of food & other commodities in Swat

According to news reports millions of people are suffering from food & medicine shortage after 24 hours of displacement of thousands of people from Swat, Buner and various other districts of Malakand. Due to curfew and ongoing military operation millions of people are still confined inside their houses in Malakand and they are facing shortage of amenities. It has been appealed by various organizations repeatedly that there is a need of food, medicines, tents, utensils for the refugees.

A huge displacement has been observed from the affected areas via Ambela-Sawabai Road, Dagar-Mardan Road, Jowar-Daragi Road (via Bazdara and Girarai). According to the local social activist Mr. Tajun Khan, 60% population of the affected areas has left villages. The remaining population is facing shortage of food, water and health facilities. Curfew has been relaxed for more than 12 Hours which facilitated the people who are continuously fleeing the area. But the people who are stuck up in the area have no transport, fuel and money to come out. 100% schools of the districts are closed. The Militants have destroyed some of the schools buildings, Police stations and posts, Basic Health Units and houses of some liberals and opinion makers.

During the operation the forces have destroyed roads, bridges, water supply facilities and electricity poles in the area .A huge number of live stock have been killed. The wheat crop ready for harvesting and Tobaccos crop have been destroyed at large scale. 03 students have been injured while going to appear for exam at Dagar College.

The electricity grad station has been damaged by bomb blast and electricity supply is suspended to most of the areas in the district including Mingora where more than 0.5 million people are living. Due to electricity failure, the citizens are facing shortage of water. The continuous curfew in the main city has resulted in shortage of food commodities.

There is no transport facility in the city as the main Swat-Peshawar road has been blocked by the security forces. The people who are stuck up in the area are facing shortage of water, food commodities and medical facilities as there is no electricity and transportation. It merits mentioning here that areas affected in the previous operations are comparatively calm.


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