Lays Chips Haram or Halal

I had a conversation with Lays official and they provided some proofs that in any way Lays are not HARAAM. Without adding any comment myself I am going to post the whole conversation in Question answer manner so that one can understand it better. I will not repeat the previously written info but for your ease I would like to mention that about E631 code web provides the info that it can be of animal origin and somewhere it is written that it can be of both plant or animal origin. The lays official said that they are getting the supply of this E631 from IFF Thailand , which obtains it from a plant called Cassava that yields tapioca starch. Now my questions and Lays Pakistan’s answer for your review.

* E627 and E631 salts are originated from ANIMALS as everywhere on web. Can you justify its plant origin?

* E627 and E631 is not necessarily originated from animals, there are a lot of references available on the internet, books etc. As you know that we are getting Masala flavour from IFF and E631 is one ingredient of that flavour, IFF is buying this ingredient from Ajinomoto Ltd.
o Please visit Ajinomoto’s website (for reference see attached ppt).
o Also see book reference
o IFANCA (largest halal certifying body) website and Sodium Inosinate (E631) is not included in Haram or doubtful list.
o Indian website, see E631 suitability for vegetarians as it can be obtained from plant source

* On web the mentioned CASSAVA plant, is a thickening agent not a flavor enhancer? Cassava, also called manioc, mandioc or yuka, is an edible tropical plant that yields tuberous roots from which cassava flour, tapioca (laundry starch), or even an alcoholic beverage can be derived.
* Tapioca Tapioca is a flavorless, colorless, odorless starch extracted from the root of the plant species Manihot esculenta (cassava)?

* Tapioca starch if being used itself, then it would perform function as thickening agent, basically its being widely used as replacement of expensive starches e.g. corn, potato starch etc in different products. However if we talk about Ajinomoto ltd. they are biotechnological converting Tapioca starch into different products like E631. I can further send you details and process flows if you required.

* It has been on a site that E631 and E627 are problem Additives. Some additives have specific effects to watch out for – such as ribonucleotides (E627, E631, E635) which tend to cause rashes (“ribo rash”), or aspartame (E951) which tends to have MSG-like effects and cause depression?

* Ribonucleotide never means Rashes or anything cause rashes, Ribo is a sugar part of Ribonucleotide which gives energy only, please consult any chemistry/biochemistry fundamental book. Its never banned in any part of the world, however many non government authorities has advised to reduce its usage, like many websites would advise you to reduce sugar and common salt intake. Hence E631 is approved in every food law all over the world like common salt and sugar. (by the way, we are merely adding below 0.00% — means its already below two decimals — nothing harmful).

* Daily Ummat has been publishing this story whole week. Are you suing them?

* We can’t stop any one to write against us, however people should contact us for clarification if required.

Attached also find comments from SANHA (a well reputed Halal certification body) about our products and current issue of hoax emails, you can contact them to get further details.

If you still have questions, please write to Lays Pakistan at instead of being affected by rumors.

PCSIR ( Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research ) Labs. Complex, Lahore has analyzed only the fat contents of extracted from the Lays chips and the results showed that it was not of animal origin.

PCSIR has given only the statement about source of fat used for frying and nothing else. They have not worked on E631. Lays chips is not included in the list of 20 mandatory items of food published by PSQCA.

From all above statements it has been proved that Lays Pakistan is using Halal Sodium inosinate obtained from Plant cassava. It is also an ingredient approved by Ajinomoto international.

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22 thoughts on “Lays Chips Haram or Halal”

  1. Very well said and explained. I hope this clears all the doubts and confusions from all our minds. It is time that we open our minds and see/judge by ourself instead of relying on baseless reports and claims. I question the authenticity of the report by some Muslim doctor in the West. Is his report more credible than several proofs provided by the Lay’s manafacturers? Is not the responsible act of the company to keep open its proofs to all and sundry an act worth praising?

    I would also like to shed some more light on the issue and more importantly its consequences.

    Lay’s Snacks Pakistan is a responsible corporate citizen; strictly adhering to the local food laws which include only using certified halal ingredients in all products.
    Lay’s Snacks Pakistan has invested in the agriculture of Pakistan with a long term view of continued investment. A team of 175 experienced farmers and more than 6,000 potato field workers are the backbone of Lay’s potato farms spread over 3,400 acres in Northern Punjab and North West Frontier Province. In addition to Pakistan, Lay’s Snacks are sold in many other Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and Malaysia.

    Lays employs over 1000 people in Pakistan in the fields of agriculture, production and distribution. Besides employment, their various social causes like education and health are also being taken care of.
    Will not the circulation of such baseless claims jeopardize the livelihood of these hardworking individuals?

    It is time we start understanding teh workings of our society and work towards the eradication of such attempts which threaten the very essence of our economic fabric and create nothing but mass hysteria.


    sabeen arshad.




    So what about the Lays & Simba Chips in South Africa?
    Are the E631 and E627 animal derived here?

    Please let me know
    Kind Regards,


      1. Are you speaking with proof? what do you mean by it “may be” animal derived? My question was is it or is it not animal derived. I already know that it MAY BE or MAY BE NOT animal derived. Are you representing Simba Lays by the way? Let me know, Regards, Isabelle


  3. HI,




      1. Better you avoid the things which is in discussion of whether haram or Halal, just restrain it.. Because it’s better to reject an eatable when 20 people says it is poison mixed and 20 people says it is not poison mixed, better avoid that and make sure you are alive…same way this…. And without eating lays no one will die rgt?..


  4. SALAM to every one..

    May be in US products they used any haram ingredients but it is 100% proofed that in Pakistan they did not used any such Haram ingredients during the production of LAYS. I have visited PepsiCo(LAYS) production unit in Sundar Industrial state.


    1. salam to all.
      Dear viewers.
      There in pakistan “lays company” cannot use harram ingredients in food.I work in saudi arab and in saudi government strictly notice all the acts of like this.and in ksa people like(lays)very much.I hope and i cannot believe “Lays”use harram ingredients in food in pakistan.They may be use in usa or europe etc.but not in muslim conturies.bye to all.


  5. Why do they use this thing in every food?
    They get t them from pigs don’t u see how Begherat people are now in these days?
    And it is the characteristics of Pigs’ meat if u eat it you will act like pig
    Pig is the only Animal who invite other pigs to have sex with his female


  6. Assalam u Allaikum all brothers and sisters

    Being a rational but careful person as halal and haram is not a minor issue, It can spoil your ibadah, your prayers etc. I see things this way

    The most important thing for these companies are their reputation and they spent millions of millions on their business development and marketing campaigns. My first point is if Lays Pakistan is “OK” then why they are not going for law suit against newspaper and other stakeholders. You know, there is a complete article written on Daily Umat (Urdu version: Roznama umat) on 12 june 2009. In this article Jamia Ashrafia has clearly shown their sentiment on LAYS chips “halal” campaign led by a famous past singer “Junaid Jamshed” (He left singing before coming to this advertisement of LAYS), In that campaign, they claim that LAYS chips is halal as they got fatwa from Jamia Ashrafia. Jamia ashrafia clearly wrote in that article that they have not issued any fatwa and that LAYS company has misrepresented the facts and they have not issued any fatwa saying Lays is halal.

    My question is Lays should go to case a lawsuit against them if they were wrong but Lays interestingly went for silent mode by saying that why should we go behind newspaper and stakeholders and if anyone need explanation then they should come to our office. You see this is non sense and Hippocratic.

    People sometime argue why islamic bodies never went for lawsuite against Lays. Please note that people and Lays company went to them and they have given fatwa. It is not their duty to implement that; unfortunately our governments can’t go behind these kind of stuff and they atleast bother between halal and haram.

    I know one thing, Once a man break your faith, never ever trust him. How do we believe that Lays are getting this whole thingie from plant as their credibility is already on stake otherwise they should come infront and saying “no we have this fatwa from jamia ashrafia” but they went for selence.




  7. Salam Everyone
    i just baught LAY’s Chips sour cream & Onion. first time i bought it but i feels something wrong and feels like browsing feedback on this chips. surprisingly many website talking about this brand. the doubt is about the ingredient stated as ‘ YELLOW 5 LAKE’ while browsing there are many feedback mentioning it is non animal derived and some of it mentioned tha it is haram as it is from pork. Mine was made in mexico. can anyone condirm this to me please. many thanks for the feedback


  8. Hey! Just saying. Don’t fight over because I have some questions for those who are saying that it’s Halal. If the Lays Chips are Halal, then why aren’t certified by Pakistani Food Checking Authority hah. Certainly it contains E631, I’ve that written on Lay’s Chips Packet 7 or 8 years ago. I’ve also seen code E102 on Mountain Dew Bottle so time described above and E102 means Tartazine which further means sediments of wine cask. If somebody has the answer then tell otherwise just do what ever you want.


  9. E621 and E627 are used in Lays French Cheese. Both ingredients are doubtful depending upon their source as they can be produced by halal ways and haram ways (i.e. from pork fat as a story broke from Ajinomoto Indonesia. Further refer to “”


  10. Soo many Mashboohat… So many E-numbers not confirm to be Halal….. NOTHING IS PROVED GOD DAMMMITTT…!!!

    Sigh… I am just gonna stop eating them or fix on eating just the “salted” ones.


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