Exotic Jaleebi

Jaleebi Jaleebi is a very sweet Indo Pak dessert made from white flour. It is very popular within the sub-continent and the popularity is ever growing in Europe and America with jaleebi stalls popping up in Asian populated areas.

The procedure is very exciting to watch. After mixing flour with water and some baking powder it is filled into a piping bag like cloth having a hole at bottom. Afterwards it is deep fried in very hot oil in a spiraling motion and the end shape is very similar to a pretzel, it is then dipped in hot sugar syrup and can be served either hot or cold.

In Pakistani villages some people like to have it with milk, a richer dessert. At the time of religious occasions it is served also and shared amongst neighbors.

It is a famous joke that a foreigner in Pakistan use to buy jaleebi everyday. When asked about it he replied that I just wanted to investigate how you put sugar syrup inside the tubes of jaleebi?


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