Khussa: A Traditional Footware

Footwear is considered an extension of one’s personality. Well-maintained footwear says things about the owner, with cleanliness as the most important concern. Although the intricacy of this craft may have been lost to modernization, their influences are still present in shoes today.

A Tradition continues as this Traditional Pakistani shoes made by craftsmen engaged in this art for generations. Elegant Pairs with Embroidery and crafted by hand are most hot item among young and old alike. These shoes give a distinctive style to personality. Born in history of land of five rivers, it is almost impossible to quote the origination of this kind.

The people of the subcontinent are very traditional by nature. Pakistanis also possess a very rich cultural heritage. Among the list of our traditional heritage is the popular Khussa shoe which is worn by men as well as women.

For Gents

At the Lahore Museum, there is a variety of archaic shoes (Khussas) which were popular in ancient times displayed in the Islamic Gallery. These centuries’ old-fashioned shoes became most popular in the subcontinent during the Mughal Era. They came to be known as Salim Shahi after the nickname of Emperor Jehangir.

Most of the Khussas are made in the country-side. The shoe is very popular in the villages. Village cobbler makes Khussas on order for the peasants who know its comfort and durability. Now days it is popular as formal wears in “Mehndi Ceremony” when most the girls are dressed in traditional dresses along with Khussa. The embroided variety with many colors attracts every girl. Gents also wear it but it is more oftenly used at weddings by the groom, as it compliments Sherwani( Traditional Groom Dress for wedding) very well.


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