UNICEF appeal for more Funds for IDPs

The Unicef Pakistan has almost exhausted its contingency funds and stocks of relief goods and has appealed for an additional $41.4 million for providing immediate assistance to people displaced by fighting in parts of the NWFP.

Working in cooperation with the government, United Nations, and the partners, Unicef is providing drinking water, nutrition, health support, education and protection to children and families wherever possible.

Over half of the displaced are children and humanitarian efforts have been strained by a rapid increase in the number of people fleeing fighting in the Malakand division.

The number of displaced people has reached about 2.5 million. A large number of them have poured into camps and host communities. They have few possessions and are in urgent need of safe water, clothing, food, shelter, healthcare and protection.

Difficulties of access combined with shortages of essential supplies and funding are hindering efforts to provide life-saving support to children and women. Many of the newly displaced are yet to receive any assistance, and only around 10 per cent of them are in camps serviced by national or international humanitarian agencies.

In the coming months, Unicef plans to expand its services and provide humanitarian assistance to displaced children and women both in camps and in host communities.


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