Proud Pakistani 3D Animator and Scale Modeler

Land of Pakistan is rich in talent and outstandingly amazing people. This Video clip belongs to the AAJ TV morning transmission in which Pakistans young Scientist, Graphics Designer, Scale Modeler, 3D Animator & Teacher Syed Adnan Ahmed Subzwari was invited as a Proud Pakistani. In this Clip he has shown his talent to the whole nation specially his research work in the free energy field. He claims that he has designed a fuel less engine which can help Govt. of Pakistan in the energy sector.

Adnan has a very impressive background in different fields and he has received so many national & international awards. He had a passion of scale modeling and 3D animation since child hood and done a remarkable work by making an exact 3D model of F-16 fighter plane. His model is so intricate and accurate that it has the same landing gears and even cockpit as the original plane has. His work is really praiseworthy and provides us a reason to be proud on our talent.

In limited resources only with his passion and dedication he is enabled himself to be an asset for Pakistan. Encouragement and support for talent is indespensible.


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