Poetry: Ahmed Nadem Qasmi


The wind writes on water — the sea
On sand. All artists —
Celebrants of life A shooting star
Scribbles graffiti —
Leaves draw circles In the air The spider-web
Behind the door Is, in itself,
An astronomer’s chart.
Even the dust
is literate —
You’ll find its signature everywhere.


The whirlwind
Which has just passed this way
has been passing
for countless year
every day
exactly at this moment
in the same direction.
When I went forward
to meet it
It brushed me aside
I am Time
And I do not stop for anyone.

Flowers on a Grave
Poems from Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
Translated By Daud Kamal
The Oxford University Press, Karachi
ISBN 0-19-547497-8
65pp. Rs195

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