Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka in World Cup T20 Final 2009

As a Pakistani I will be more than happy to see Pakistan team wining the event with flying colors. I don’t want to be in Younus Khan’s shoes today as enormous pressure he has to bear but he knows the value of this win. After World Cup 1992 this will be the next big moment for Pakistan cricket. Huge celebrations expected afterward and people really don’t want to shatter this dream now by just thinking about any other possible match result.

Pakistani Cricket Fans

Huge expectations from Boom Boom Afridi and Umer Gul. Mohammed Aamer also bowled well in semi finals against South Africa. I really want to see Afridi opening the match with a smashing hit and Umer Gul on a hat trick. Will my dream come true? INSHALLAH.

You can also promote the event with  twitter . Use Pakistani flag as your Image on Face book and Twitter today to follow E rally of Pakistan supporters.. Just keep tweeting your supporting comments with #PakCricket tag in your tweets. You can get the instructions  here.

Online commentary and updates are provided by and are available here. You can join this online party too to show your support. So get ready to support our team.

Best of Luck to both the teams but I cant stop myself to wish bestest of Luck to Pakistan.


3 thoughts on “Pakistan Vs Sri Lanka in World Cup T20 Final 2009”

  1. i hate pakistan team,but i love shohaib malik,kamran akmal,rashid latif,mishwaulhaq,inzmam,abdul razaq.

    but india is the best cricket team from pakistan cricket team.


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