Pakistan wins T20 World Cup 2009, Hail Greens

It was after 1992 when I saw the same zeal and passion for cricket throughout Pakistani nation. Pakistan was the under dog at that time but God almighty has blessed our nation with such a prestigious trophy. In Twenty twenty world cup scenario was almost the same. We were not considered favorite enough to win the title while the attack on Sri Lankan team in Lahore has created a global rejection of foreign teams to play with Pakistan. ICC ripped of the share of World Cup 2011 matches from Pakistan due to security concerns. ICC champion’s trophy has been postponed and the venue shifted to South Africa. World Cup 2011 head quarter also been moved from Lahore to Mumbai. There were huge disappointments regarding sports and crickets future in Pakistan.

“All well that ends well”

Pakistan team over and done with the T20 Wolrd cup with an expected win in the finals against Sri lanka. The whole nation joined there hands to pray and give moral support to each other and their team. I had seen Green flags flaunting as display image of Pakistanis throughout the day on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. There was a flood of greens all over. Every one is identified as a Pakistani only. The celebrations are not less than Eid. Cell phones flooded with congratulations messages & networks stuck. There were Fireworks, Bhangra, sharing of sweets, Roaring of we won as passionate youngsters celebrates all over the streets. I had seen cars and bikes with flaunting flags yesterday after the match when we also went to participate in national saga of glee.
Celebration after win

This was the right time to record a win under the belt by Pakistan. The event has proved to be much bigger than IPL and very well organized. The matches were superbly unexpected and neck to neck. Umer Gul, Shahid Afridi, Kamran Akmal were the real stars of the tournament. Muhammed Aamir will be a gem for Pakistan pace attack. The statue of liberty kind of pose and a flying kiss to Jacques Kallis has done wonders for Afridi. He regained his charm through his performance in every field. He was good with the bat and better with the ball.

The first major title Pakistan has won in 17 years, and it comes at a time when the country faces a crowd of escalating problems

Heartiest congratulations to all Pakistanis everywhere in the world. It is the time to celebrate a much needed moral boosting win. Hail Greens.

Image: Chowrangi


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