Unsung Heroes Of T20 World Cup 2009

The World Cup T20, 2009 has proven to be the greatest event for Pakistan cricket after World Cup 1992. The celebrations and enthusiasm was extravagant. Players have been praised and awarded huge amount of money reaching around 53 million mark. Younus Khan is the most benefited player who has grabbed 75, 00,000 Rupees till now and deserving so.

I was wondering since the Final match that what about the Coach Intikhab Alam and assistant coach Aqib Javed’s efforts? They remain the unsung heroes of the event. Intikhab Alam has got a hold of 78, 125 Rupees as award till now according to a news report, while no figures are available for Aqib Javed. Interestingly they both were in the squad of world Cup 1992 wining team. Aqib Javed was the leading bowler of Semi Final and final matches while Intikhab Alam was the coach of Pakistan team at that time.

I remember a skit from a comedy show of PTV after the famous Sixer of Miandad in Sharjah against England. Salma Agha sang a song Eik Bar Milo Hum Sey & it was aired on PTV in mid 80s. Bushra Ansari parodied it as Eik Chakkey Kay Javed Ko & it became a classic hit.

“Ek Chakay k Javed ko……..

Soo Lakh milen gay……….

Tauseef becharay ko dirham Aath milen gay.”

The satirical points was that after that great sixer and win all the praise was grabbed by Javed Miandad while Tauseef Ahmed, who was batting on the other end was completely forgotten. Same is the case with Aqib and Intikhab Alam. The efforts of these unsung heroes are priceless and should be praised at all levels.


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