Tax on more Than two Children!

Federal Minister for population, Dr.  Firdaus Ashiq Awan has proposed to implement a new CHILD BIRTH TAX to counter terrorism in Pakistan. She emphasized that to reduce population will be the key in the current war against terrorism. I was wondering how many children she has?

There should be a bonus for Child less couples also if the tax implements. Mr. Zardari has three children will he be among the tax payers? probably no becuse they all live abroad. After sea tax, Motor vehicle tax, road tax, wealth tax, income tax and etc etc this will the new headache.



One thought on “Tax on more Than two Children!”

  1. I fully agree with her… as unlike most countries where there is a need for labour… we actually have surplus… recently the WHO estimated that pakistans population will doubled by 2050 meaning more direct stress on the health care and education sectors… along with the increased need of food, water, energy, and sanitation… from our daily experience we all know that there is a drastic shortage of all these commodities in our current population with no outlook or possible method on solwing this crisis… leading to an utter state where the have with setup industries and bussinesses (also having fewer children) will posses all their needs while the majority of the population will be without the basic necisities of life leading to a state of dispartiy among the masses and soon to an upsurge in levels of crime and terrorism in a final desperate bid…

    The uneducated minority of our population does not understand the need for birth prevention, endorsed by illiterate moulvis k ALLAH ki deen hai… although the quran it self promotes contraception and birth spacing… To our population an increase in the number of kids signifies an increased probability of one of them to be sucessful and more income as a unit… however they donot understand the implications of such a thought process on the future of others…


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