Pervez Musharraf to help Heroin trafficking victims in Saudi Arabia

pervez-musharraf3-195x300Follow up of Pakistani family arrested in Saudi Arabia accused of Smuggling Heroin.

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf once again proves to be ‘influential’. He is going to help the distressed families by talking with Saudi “high” officials. That happened when a TV host (probably Jasmine Manzoor of Business Plus TV) recommend father of one of the lady arrested in Saudi Arabia to talk with Musharraf as last resort which actually worked. Musharraf assured Pakistani family that he would use his influence with the Saudi Arabian government to get them released.

The family was detained after Saudi customs officials found heroin obscured in the slippers of their luggage, which were provided as a keepsake by Al Huda travel agency’s agent, Syed Sarwat Hussain. The detained family has repeatedly claimed innocence, and insisted that their travel agent had given the slippers to them as reported earlier on the blog.

Travel agent, Syed Sarwat Hussain, is already in police custody in Karachi along with his wife Shafia. They surrender to police giving statement that the crime is being done “through them not by them”. It is strange that the efforts of government are not so impressive in this regard while Mr. Musharraf assured that he could help the detained Pakistanis. He is a strong and influential person in Pakistani politics still for sure.

Where the government stands?


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