CDGK Sponsor Bodybuilder Aamir Rahim Buksh

37 year old bodybuilder Aamir Rahim Buksh from Pakistan has been invited by the American Sports Network to participate in the World Championship Title in Musclemania 2009. The competition is scheduled for November 20-21 2009, being organized by the American Sports Network, INC – a California based corporation – which specializes in sports and fitness events. Every year, they produce ESPN Muscle mania World Championship and world class natural bodybuilders from around the world are hand-picked to compete for the title. There will be 100 bodybuilders participating from 100 different countries.

Aamir Rahim belongs to the city of Loralai, Balochistan. He is the first Pakistani bodybuilder selected to compete for the world title. He has been body building for the past 22 years and finally got the opportunity of being recognized globally. He had been teaching youngsters in Karachi the nuance of body building and fitness training for the last ten years in a small gym of his own but he is facing many difficulties in going to the US due to non-availability of sponsor.

A local television channel also tried to get the sports ministry on air regarding the matter, but no one was available for comment. The overall expenditure of the trip, including diets plans and transport, is Rs1.2 million, which he cannot afford. Pakistani Body Builders Association (PBBA) could not support him due to scarcity of funds. Like every sportsmen Bux’s ultimate goal has always been to represent Pakistan internationally. He believes that the most exhilarating feeling at the event would be the Pakistani anthem being played on a world bodybuilding stage.

In these times of despair City District Government Karachi came forward to support his talent and announced to send bodybuilder Aamir Rahim to the Las Vegas. City Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal said that the city government will bear all expenses of his tour as reported by Geo.

This is indeed a nice gesture by CDGK and this level of support and encouragement will help eradicate the dejection and antagonism amongst youngsters who wants to accomplish their goals but for any reason unable to do so. There is a need of this kind of decisions every now and than by politicians and leaders of Pakistan to facilitate youth and talent.

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