Fashion Week in Lahore- Can you wear These?

An  initiative by the Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) and Sunsilk, February 16th – 19th 2010 marks the debut of their first ever fashion week in Pakistan. PFDC Sunsilk Fashion was held in the historic city of Lahore and feature 4 days of fashion by over 32 designers, encompassing both the leading names from the industry as well as emerging talents.

Whenever I come across a collection of any designer there is only one question in my mind……….Who can wear this or Can I wear this? No prizes for guessing that most of time the answer is a Big NO.

Than the designers are creating such stuff for whom?

Look at these designs by some of very famous designers and tell me Can I or you wear this?


6 thoughts on “Fashion Week in Lahore- Can you wear These?”

  1. Simply…………stereotypes…………..
    someone tell them effort to look odd is getting very common.
    Trend ahead……….be simple.


  2. what kind of Pakistan is it?
    this is not Pakistani culture .i didn’t see this culture in Punjab, Sindh ,nwfp or Baluchistan .
    shame on us .


  3. thats a good though but i agree to disagree
    it isnt necessary that the normal people wear these dresses.
    we have our dresses and we dont need to change them.
    these designers however are showing their creativity , like a writer writes for his or her ownself and doesnt tailor it to the taste of the general audience …theres always someone who will like it and it doesnt have to be a majority.
    these dresses could be used quite effectively.
    there might be a movie producer who wants dresses like these for his or her movies, he is gonna hire such designers. =)


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