Fashion Pakistan Week 4- A blogger’s reflection

Fashion pakistan week 4 Etihad lounge red carpet Ramp
FPW4 Etihad lounge, red carpet , Ramp and picture corner

Fashion Pakistan council’s brainchild “Fashion Pakistan week” was held in Karachi from 21st to 23rd October 2012. It was the fourth season of fashion Pakistan week, usually called FPW.

FPW4 trending on Twitter
FPW4 trending on Twitter

FPW4 showcased autumn winter collections of around 22+ designers including new talent. Fashion Pakistan council is doing a great job by injecting fresh talent in the fashion scene of Pakistan along with strengthening already established designers.

FPW3, held in March 2012 was the first fashion week that has witnessed the power of social media with the inclusion of bloggers. Only a bunch of social media representatives covered the event live from the venue, creating a buzz on twitter trends of Pakistan. It was a successful fashion week that realized & uses social media for its promotion. For FPW4 the support was even bigger. Social media had given so much importance that the front row seats were reserved for them (though the front rows were so squeezed that using a laptop for live coverage on social media was a hassle).

Social media seat at FPW4
Social media seat at FPW4

PR & marketing company catalyst has done commendable job by letting bloggers cover the event on a bigger scale. There was an official social media team by FPW too.

The show had delayed start on everyday which is not good for an event of this caliber. Live streaming of the event was managed by Converge though it aired only the red carpet moments & interviews of celebs and designers. Ramp walks were not shown via live streaming on, which is a disappointment. We had seen a rat on Day1 in the hall too. On Day 3 it was over crowded and people leaving way before the finale was really annoying.

Social media pass designed by ekdouteen for FPW4
Social media pass designed by ekdouteen for FPW4

The drinks corner on the red carpet serves cold drinks & thankfully water too but not chilled on all days. Ekdouteen has done the designing of invites, passes, Fashion directory, T-shirts and bags in style. Fashion diet, the daily supplement of the event was nice too. Ponds has set up a reveal lounge at the red carpet area to showcase previews of collections while Etihad Airways had a luxury lounge setup for pampering guests & was designed beautifully. There was a Picture counter by Etihad too where you can get yourself clicked & also will have the printed copy on your way back home.

WiFi keeps on messing throughout the event although there were at least three available sources. It would be nice to have a password protected WiFi at least for the social media team to work hassle free.

Photographers were so many that they were almost spread towards the end of the ramp. They keep on arguing for space and sometimes fought too. It will be good to restrict the number of photographers, Bloggers and attendees of the event to maintain excellence & standard of the show.

These were only a blogger’s reflections of the event of such importance in fashion circle. Things at fashion Pakistan week are already awesome but will get better with time and suggestions. I thank you Fashion Pakistan Council, PR Catalyst, Maheen Khan, Deepak Perwani & Samra Muslim for giving us an opportunity to work in collaboration with them. Also Thumbs up to my fellow bloggers Umair Mirza, Sidra Rizvi, Abdullah Sayed, Huzefa Muhammad, Syed Aamir Bukhari & Shoaib Taimur for their hard work.

Let’s hail fashion.


4 thoughts on “Fashion Pakistan Week 4- A blogger’s reflection”

  1. Thank you Hina. Wifi problems noted as have the issues with water.As for the overspill of Photographers ,we tried to contain them but then it’s FASHION after all !


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