Dinner at Capsicum- NOT again

I don’t know why people rave about this place so much. You go to a restaurant for good food or just ambiance, service & their crockery? I go for Food, just great & delicious food. Probably that’s the reason I dislike Capsicum & will never recommend it. Here is why.

This small & always crowded continental and Chinese eatery is located adjacent to Kaybees in Muhammad Ali Society, Karachi.

I have been there with my six month old infant & husband. I asked to have a couch seat so that I can lay down my kid on it & easily tuck into my meal. But due to jam pack floor they have offered us table & chair. I requested for couch seat again as it is difficult to eat while holding your kid on your lap. The staff informed that they are not allowed to let less than six persons sit on a couch seat. WT****

That was annoying as I have been to Pizza Hut, round table pizza & other eateries with my infant & they were very co-operative. After all this mess I was not in a mood to eat at all.

Anyways, we had already ordered a mushroom steak & chicken with cashews & rice. To my surprise both the dishes were not generous in portion in comparison with their prices. A hefty 600+ for an entrée that too without rice. Soft drink came in tall glasses with a lot of Ice.

I must say their chefs needs to learn the importance of salt in cooking. The ‘choza’ steak comes with bland steamed vegetables with a smell of oil in them. Mushroom cream sauce was good in consistency with just 3 slices of mushrooms & almost no seasoning. Steak itself was chewy. I can cook better steak at home for sure. No points for not serving mashed potatoes as a side too.

The chicken with cashew was sheer disappointment as it comes in bland chicken stock thickened with corn flour & lots of carrots & zucchini. WHO put zucchini in chicken cashew? I had the same dish for the first time at The noodle House & it was Fabulously tasty.

The place has good seating and staff manages cleanliness of cutlery, crockery & table clothes well but they certainly need to accommodate customers as per their requirements. Prices are steep for not so extra ordinary taste of food.

Icing on this not so sweet cake is when Capsicum Facebook page deleted my comment/complaint without replying.

Capsicum Food review


5 thoughts on “Dinner at Capsicum- NOT again”

  1. The tasteless food and the high prices are precisely why i told you not to go there. i went there when they recently opened, a time to really really impress customers and they disappointed me then too. the hostess was highly courteous but that was the only good thing about my visit.


  2. The food has never looked so sad and dull . Fries look like as if deep fried more than once (baasi i.e.) and thank u . Will never go there . And the serving
    Size … Lol . Paison ki waat lagwaadi aapnay 😀


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