Papasitos Pizza Karachi

I am a cheese addict and my quest for finding the perfect pizza never ends. Love to have it any time any where, who doesn’t? This weekend I have ordered from Papasitos pizza. Though there were no deals to make me crazy, yet decided to give it a go.

Ordered potato wedges, large tikka flavoured pizza and a Tiramisu cake. They claim to have the best pizza calling it ‘The Italian job’. The original wood fired brick oven is the uniqueness for which I wanna try them.

Papasitos pizza karachi reviewPizza crust was not so thin not so thick but the edges were hard, burnt and not edible. A lot of semolina was there stuck to the base of the crust and keeps on falling like dust. Chicken pieces were nicely marinated giving good tikka taste to the palette while Pizza sauce was spicy, rich, thick and well spread. Notice that onion slices were not spread all over the pizza. All in all one heavy on stomach after feel despite being thin crust.

Rest of the order was just OK-ish to the extent that I can’t describe in words.

Verdict: Neither their prices nor their deals are fancy to grab attention. Try at your own risk :p


  • Potato wedges – 179
  • Tiramisu – 179
  • 1.5 ltr Cold drink – 90
  • 13″ Pizza – 849

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