Mortein Pakistan’s #StopTheCount campaign

Mortein Pakistan has launched a new campaign called #StopTheCount which aims towards creating awareness about diseases caused by mosquito bites like malaria and dengue. It point outs that every minute a child dies due to a mosquito bite (However, it is not mentioned that from where the statistics have been taken and is it particularly for Pakistan or not) which is alarming. All you have to do to participate in the ongoing campaign is take a selfie with a street kid and upload it on Mortein Pakistan’s Facebook page. In return, Mortein Pakistan pledges to protect such kids form Malaria and dengue. A good initiative to help underprivileged kids and directing the world famous Selfie craze towards a good cause. Mortein Stop the count However, I feel it’s a bit insensitive to have a selfie with street kids just to show it off on social media that you care. No matter how good your intentions are, the kid featuring in the selfie is not getting any benefit out of it. Nonetheless, something is better than nothing. Kudos to Mortein Pakistan for such initiative to protect children from fatal diseases like Dengue and malaria. Hope they’ll consider fumigation in slum areas on regular basis too.


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