Tasty Treat – Unrolled 10 Incher pizza via Foodpanda



Have you heard about Unrolled10Incher pizza by the legendary 14th street pizza? By now, I hope you all know  it is the new addition to 14th street pizza’s menu with a claim that its more pizza in every bite with three new flavors. I was so tempted to try it out and here comes the Mauka Mauka 😀 Oh! How much I love social media marketing :p

It was a tweet competition by the brand that gives me the opportunity to taste this new addition to foodscpae of Karachi. Yaay!! I won it and it’s NOT a paid review lol. Carry on reading and trust my taste buds ☺

So, I got a call from 14th street pizza to order my prize the way I wanted.  The only downside of this happy phase is that they don’t deliver at my place. Khair, have to sort that out by asking them to deliver at husband’s workplace right before when he’s leaving for home. Kept it a secret from him though. Surprise.

What happens next is what they say in Punjabi kay ‘jadon ghar ich pakaya hovay te baron vi changa khan nu labdaa aay’. The same day when I was planning to surprise him with a surprise gift meal, husband decided to give recently installed Foodpanda app a go. Our 2 years old daughter loves pizza and she usually chant over phone “Baba pizza pizza pizza”, when her father asks, aaj mera beta kiya khayega?

Another reason to try Foodpanda for the first time was that they’re offering Unrolled 10 incher in a deal of two for just Rs999 (Every Wednesday and Thursday) and if you’re lucky you will have a 25% or even 50% discount code for using the Foodpanda app first time. Hakuna Matata!!

This is how I was introduced to Unrolled10Incher. Planned a surprise and as a surprise got more surprises. After all the laughter we indulge in triple tasty treat and gobbled timely arrived hot & deliciously cheesy thin crust goodness.

Unrolled 10 incher 14th street pizza
New toppings are here too. Lovely menu card BTW.


Foodpanda’s effort to come up with such discounted deal while maintaining not only quantity but the quality of food is commendable. (Reality check- The pizza that I’ve won and the one’s we’ve ordered were exactly the same in size, taste and toppings)

q4th street pizza unrolled 10 incher foodpanda

Pizza itself was so good till the center. Yeah! you can eat it from the edges because they’re unrolled and thin and chewy and soo yuummm. It really fits the description of More pizza in every bite. I find it light in comparison to 14th street’s regular 20 inch pizza’s dough. The succulent lemon and garlic flavored chicken was really a treat for the taste buds. Not over powering or bland meat at all. I recommend to order it with jalapenos and extra hot sauce…. Yummy.


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