Postmortem report of foodpanda’s Pakistan food festival 2015

I always wonder how food delivery services like Foodpanda are successful while offering such discounted deals from renowned food joints. I am still wondering😀

Secondly , why would one order food through them while they can order straight from the restaurant? Obviously for the love of discounts 😆

Lastly, if it’s a discount deal by an expensive food joint, there must be a compromise on quality or quantity of food. Hmmm 😈

Let’s find out.

So, it is foodpanda’s PFF with up to 50% off from various restaurants across Pakistan. What better time to test some new food joints. I’ve tried them twice this week by ordering food from vintage cafe and golden dragon. As far as the delivery time and mentioned instructions while ordering through Foodpanda app is concerned, all Is well. Things went smoothly although I feel the delivery shouldn’t be area specific. Because you’re a food delivery service, you should be delivering in those areas too where the restaurants are not reaching themselves.

Vintage parmesan chicken Foodpanda pff

From vintage I’ve ordered much raved chicken parmesan and a chicken club. They offer was buy one entree and save 50% on the second. Bill amount reaches 850 but to my surprise Rs150 were added in the bill as delivery charges. That ruins the deal discount in my opinion.

Food from vintage was good. Huge portion of chicken parmesan( enough for two persons) sans any sides like fries or salad. Meat was well marinated and well seasond with a thinmy crusted coating. Parmesan sauce was yummy. Chicken club was refreshingly light but not much flavor because of bland chicken and salami layers.

Golden Dragon food panda deal

Next time I’ve ordered Chinese from golden Dragon. It was a deal of chicken chowmein, vegetable fried rice, kung pao chicken and schezwan chicken for Rs 700+100 delivery charges. Portion size from golden dragon were so generous that 4-5 people can easily gobbled it. Best thing is that the Chinese gravies were sans ketchup. Yes you heard me right. There was NO ketchup there. Chowmein tastes better with noodles though but like everyone is using spaghetti these days, I forgive GD 😊

Overall a great value for money kinda food deals that you can indulge in and save some bucks. Thumbs up to Foodpanda too. Hope they’ll improve with time and expand their delivery services to more areas.


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