#PIMFF2015 First Annual Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival to be held in Lahore

Where the Himalayas, Karakorams, and the Hindukush all come together, an outstanding get together of travelers from all over the world will be taking place. Labeled the first annual Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival, the biggest meeting of tourists in Pakistan in recent years will be occurring due to the festival. Put on display at Alhamra Arts Council Lahore the gathering will be of unimaginable proportions.


With the festival comes public spotlight featuring the incredible structures of Pakistan. Taking place on June 13th and 14th, the Eyebex Films company accompanied by Punjab Government will showcase a brighter spectrum. The International Mountain Film Festival will be the first of its kind, looking to enjoy a near sell out crowd. Along side Eyebex Films, the Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab, Parks and Horticulture, and the City District Government Lahore will showcase the depths of the vast lands of Pakistan.

80 countries have taken heed of the opportunity and submitted films hopeful to be viewed at the festival. 32 videos in all made the cut with several coming from across the world. Of its contents the festival will include discussion forums, a photographic exhibition and many non-commercial films will grace the spot light.

With the many tourists that are going to make the travels, Pakistan will make the rounds for future tourists. In the past, tourism was unfairly shorthanded, changing tides Pakistan looks to open millions of eyes to the possibilities that lie in wait in their lands.

Based in Islamabad Eyebex Films is known to have specialized in tourism, travel and adventure films. Highlighting the festival, the company will showcase its material to the biggest audience in years. Wajahat Malik Director of Eyebex Films and Maryam Cheema Festival Director are credited with making the festival easily accessible. Eyebex Films has given attention where little was present before, making a whole new audience for an experience destined to bring success.

The Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival was created to drive tourism to the beautiful lands, spacious valleys and peaceful surroundings. The platform also gives way to awareness for many other fields such as the people and some recent struggles, as well allowing tourists to more deeply understand foreign cultures of the area.

The festival allows the developers to allott attention to those mountain films that may otherwise go unheeded. Allowing for more access to the finer efforts of those filmmakers tight knit to the community in Pakistan, the International Mountain FIlm Festival gives a platform for tourists to experience the hard work and collaborate in their own unique ways.

With the development of Pakistan’s very own mountain film festival the only other of its kind resides in Asia being the Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival. This same festival has given the region the ability to gain more tourism in the past and promote the wonders of their mountainous lands. The developers of the film festival in Pakistan have seen the success which Asia has enjoyed, and looking for the same success, Pakistan is enjoying increased tourism of its own.


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