Pepsi #LightingUpLives first installation this Ramzan

#LightingUpLives Pepsi Ramzan campaign

Pepsi has an inspiring campaign this Ramzan aiming towards #LightingUpLives of underprivileged in Pakistan. They’re doing it in collaboration with liter of light Pakistan by installing upcycled Pepsi solar power lamps for underprivileged communities.

In rural Pakistan, majority of the population dwells without power either because of unavailability or unaffordability of it.

A smart idea to reuse/upcycle a plastic Pepsi bottle can make a huge difference in the lives of so many families. Liter of Light is a solution that lets sun rays penetrate indoors into homes through Pepsi plastic bottles during daytime and through solar power during night.

#LightingUpLives Pepsi Ramzan campaign

Call of action for this cause is to buy Pepsi 1.75ltr bottle to quench your thirst at iftar table this Ramzan and in return Pepsi will donate Re1 per bottle to liter of light Pakistan.

#LightingUpLives Pepsi Ramzan campaign

#LightingUpLives Pepsi Ramzan campaign

To my surprise Pepsi is not even waiting for Ramzan to end. They’re already installing Pepsi bottles converted into solar powered lamps on ground during first week of Ramzan. Volunteers worked really hard and were seen #LightingUpLives in Muhalla Alipura, Khaliqabad, Khushab. Bearing sweltering summers Pepsi and liter of light volunteers installed first batch of solar powered lamps while fasting.

#LightingUpLives Pepsi Ramzan campaign

The spirit of Ramzan is to share and care which is exactly they’ve been doing. Thumbs up to the idea and all those who are making efforts to make it possible.

#LightingUpLives Pepsi Ramzan campaign

In love with Pepsi for this amazingly brilliant initiative for #LightingUpLives. Be a light yourself and contribute towards the cause as much as you can.

Buy Pepsi this Ramzan to light up lives.


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