Foodpanda iDonate- Making difference during #MonthofBlessings

Foodpanda iDonate campaign Ramzan 2015 #monthofblessingsGlobally established  food delivery giant foodpanda has come up with a unique campaign this Ramzan to contribute towards society in Pakistan. Foodpanda iDonate campaign has been launched in association with Edhi Foundation and Saylani Welfare Trust. It is an online food donation campaign where YOU can make a difference with a single vote. JUST a single vote. YES!! You’re reading this right.

Foodpanda is neither asking you to order food from them (which you should BTW :p) nor they are collecting cash or commodities as donations. They just want us all to participate in foodpanda iDonate campaign by posting a comment of their facebook page. JUST A COMMENT and you’re done help feeding those who need your donations the most.

All you have to do is visit foodpanda facebook page here. Pick a staple item of your choice from rice, daal, flour or sugar and comment in the Comment Box.  foodpanda will make donations for that food item to Edhi Foundation and Saylani Welfare Trust. The campaign invites people to interact on foodpanda social media platforms to enable their consent in donation of staple food items.

Month of Ramzan is a vital time to feed the underprivileged communities around you. foodpanda has done its part by coming up with iDonate campaign, now it’s your turn to play your part and VOTE.

Visit Foodpanda’s facebook or Twitter and vote for a staple item that you want to donate. More vote means more donations. Spread the word and let Edhi and Saylani help feeding the needy during #Monthofblessings because #foodpandacares.

Indeed a great initiative by foodpanda to engage public on social media for a cause. Make the most of this opportunity and vote to donate.


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