#MommyMyths – Jaundice or peelia is just fine in newborns

Its a long overdue series of posts that I wanna do since I’ve been blessed with babies. Finally got time for doing it.

They say myths are not always true or not to be believed. They’re just rumors and all made up stories but there are grandma’s tales and Chinese whispers of advice pouring in from every visitor, soon after you announce that you’re expecting.

In loving memory of my son, who had neonatal jaundice and couldn’t survive it, the mommy myth that I am dedicating this post to is:

Neonatal Jaundice? What jaundice? Every/Many newborns have jaundice. Nothing to worry about.

Dam karwao aur dhoop lagwao bus.

Not every baby had the kind of jaundice that only sun exposure can cure. Take it seriously. Talk to your doctor in detail.

If the onset is within first 2,3 days of birth then you should get the Serum billirubin monitored.

Thumb test is the best. Put your thumb on your babies legs or abdomen, slight pressure and see if the skin color shows yellowish tint. If it does, seek medical help.

May we all have healthy and happy babies.

P.S. #MommyMyths series of posts will be continued on my blog occasionally. Share some myths that you’ve heard or experienced.


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