My love affair with movies and Lollywood

Hollywood becomes Bollywood with reference to Bombay apparently.  Therefore, I assume, Lollywood comes with the reference of Lahore (considered home of movies in Pakistan) eventually. Whatever the reason is, we all know our film industry is lollywood & we use to love it.

Being a 90’s kid (don’t ask my age😛) I fell in love with lollywood movies courtesy first ever private TV channel of Pakistan i.e. STN/NTM. Hailing from a middle class conservative family I’ve never been to cinema or seen my parents going to one.

We use to have a 14″ B&W hitachi TV at that time. Watching woodie woodpecker cartoons while having breakfast, just before going to school in Mustansar Hussain Tarrar’s PTV morning transmission is my fondest memory of that era. (ONLY) News bulletin of the day was awaited after having family dinner at 9pm. BBC’s radio transmission was a must at 8pm for us coz my father loved it.

Then came first ever private TV channel which lures us literally with its evening transmission and weekend movie manias. That was the beginning of my love for movies. Lollywood movies were aired every weekend and even though we weren’t allowed to stay awake till late night, I try to watch them all.

From Santosh Kumar, Sabiha Khanum, Shamim Ara, Nayyar Sultana to Nadeem, shabnam, Babra, Muhammad Ali, Zeba, Waheed Murad, Ismail Shah, Javed Shiekh, Neeli and Reema. I’ve seen them all. But NEVER on big screen. Yes Never :'(:'(

Times change. We got a color TV during my college days. Convinced abbu to have cable in our home and then I got to see Bollywood movies. Bang!!! Movies became a habit afterwards.

Got married and my husband was even more of a movies fan. He introduced me to Hollywood classics. I’ve only seen Rambo and few Hollywood flicks before. Then, with Hollywood my love for movies grew even more. Sadly till then lollywood was dying. I was allowed to go to cinema but I couldn’t 😥 coz there were no movies there. Drive-in cinema Karachi was just demolished & a shopping plaza was under construction these days( Now known as millenium mall)

Times change once again. There were movies and even bollywood movie screenings. Got so excited & finally managed to watch a few on big screen. My first was Singh is King and last memorable one was My name is Khan in Capri cinema. Imagine yourself being me and then imagine my level of happiness.

Still I haven’t watched a lollywood flick on big screen. The reason being my kids, who are too young to be taken to a cinema hall yet. When movies like Khuda k liaye & Bol were being made, I cannot make it to cinema 😥

This year, there are quite a few lollywood films making waves even across the border. There’s O21, Waar, Namalom Afraad, 3Bahadur, Bin Roye, Wrong No, Karachi se Lahore, Moor, Shah & Dekh Magar pyar se…. & the list is ever growing. Lollywood is having a blast, quite literally.


Can’t wait to be there in the cinema with my kids & watching a decent lollywood movie. Hope the producers and directors of this era understands that our people love meaningful cinema. Nothing beats movies when it comes to Entertainment. I hope and wish for a cinematastic lollywood experience in near future.

Till then, let me be a super mom ☺


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