Pepsi celebrates young dreamers & achievers of Pakistan with #ChandSitara this Independence Day

After winning so many hearts with #LightingUpLives campaign during Ramzan, Pepsi returned
with a bang through brilliant initiative called ‘Chamke Hum Se Pakistan’. The campaign celebrates Independence day of Pakistan by launching a melodious song, #ChandSitara.

Pepsi brings together the legends of Pakistani pop music industry after so many years to recreate their magic. Renowned musicians Salman Ahmed, Shahi Hasan & Junaid Jamshaid along with the vision of maestro Shoaib Mansoor unites to bring #ChandSitara together. Truly a vital junooni collaboration.

‘Chamke Hum Se Pakistan’ campaign recognizes and celebrates the achievements of unsung Pakistani heroes who’ve made the country proud in various fields such as sports, education and social service!

Highlight of this campaign is definitely much anticipated vital signs reunion song #ChandSitara by Shoaib Mansoor, which celebrates the beauty of Pakistan through the eyes of unsung youth icons i.e. our own #ChandSitara. It is a happy song with a festive feel to it that is sure to win the hearts of Pakistanis and can become the next patriotic-anthem!


The song’s video features real #ChandSitara’s of Pakistan who we should celebrate for their extraordinary achievements. Thank you Pepsi for letting us all know and celebrate these young achievers including following:

Saad Ali, Pakistan’s only professional race car driver.

Fizza Farhan, a social entrepreneur recognized by Forbes Magazine, who runs a microfinance institution that manages clean energy projects in underprivileged areas of the country.

Zeeshan Abbasi, captain of Pakistan’s blind cricket team who holds the record for the fastest blind cricket bowler.

Mehak Gul, the youngest ever Pakistani to represent the country at World Chess Olympiad.

Haroon Tariq, a world record holder of 87 A’s in A Levels.

As a socially responsible brand Pepsi always encourage & inspire the youth of Pakistan. With ‘Chamke Hum Se Pakistan’ campaign, Pepsi gives youth the platform and the inspiration to achieve new heights for their homeland. What a great way to celebrate independence day.

Let’s celebrate our young heroes and every #ChandSitara out there because we are proud of our young achievers,  chamke jinsay Pakistan.


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