Dare to take #StingChallenge with Amir Khan?

The most popular energy drink in Pakistan has something exciting in store with their latest #StingChallenge campaign but it’s yet to be revealed. Sting is surely giving taste and energy ka zabardast jhatzzzka to us. Dare to take it?

#StingChallenge Amir Khan King of the ring

A teaser featuring King of the ring Amir Khan has been talk of the town ever since it’s released on Sting Facebook page. Dramatically filmed with a lot of finesse in terms of detailing and cinematography, #StingChallenge teaser is mind blowing. Surprisingly it doesn’t reveal what actually the challenge is. Confused? Me Too. The looks of Khan in a monotone video with hints of Red seems just perfect. Nothing short of an international kinda advert that we’ve never seen coming from Pakistan. Impressive indeed. Can’t wait to find out what actually is the challenge. I am hooked to Sting Facebook page.

Earlier this month when King of the ring Amir Khan came to Lahore, stingers got thrilled by facing him in the ring at a special meet n greet. What an event it was. My Lahori friends were posting pictures and videos of the #StingChallenge event with Amir Khan.

It seems Boxer Khan is continuing #StingChallenge and wants participation from public too. What could it be? Sting Facebook page ain’t disclosing #StingChallenge details yet but they’re surely igniting excitement with Amir Khan’s videos and posters. Looks like King is ready to take on the Stingers!!

Raise your energy quotient with Sting before you hear it from the great Boxer Amir Khan about #StingChallenge.


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