#PakFest2015 – Celebration of contemporary Pakistan

This independence day was quite happening one in Karachi with lots of activities including National anthem singing by Ali Azmat and Noori with thousands of Karachites at Dolmen Malls, then crazy sales and discounts all over and an awesome fun event of #PakFest2015 at Alliance Francaise.

#PakFest2015 was the brainchild of mediarepublik and it promises to be a celebration of contemporary Pakistani arts n crafts, cuisine and music. Guess what? It delivers exactly what it promised.


It was a fun filled evening at #PakFest2015 with family. Luckily I got the chance to meet the gorgeous Sharmila Farooqi there who was keenly examining Lahori Ink designed dresses and Enchante silver jewellery stall. She’s got gorgeous skin I tell you!! US Consulate General Brian Heath were also spotted praising our local stuff.

The venue was very aesthetically decorated with colorful paper lanterns, beautiful stalls and comfy seating arrangements. Live music and performances by LSA nominee Shajie, Taha beatboxer & sikandar ka mandir were another uniqueness of event. Feels like a dreamy place where you can walk miles n miles.

Not only famous brands and eateries were there to cater our taste buds but traditional yet hip handicraft items were available at stalls. Loved the stalls of Banyan Tree, Ghazal Pirzada creative studio and 9nehaal. Uniquely designed clothes with traditional embroidery were there too. There was a cool OShoot photobooth too.

All in all a great effort to celebrate independence day while highlighting contemporary side of our culture. Thumbs up to mediarepublik for putting up a nice event with such grace.


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