#MommyMyth – Hairfall when your infant starts babbling

#MommyMyth is a series of blogposts that I am doing to document all the strange things associated with the life of a new mom. Well, to be honest some grandma tales or #MommyMyths I find true, some I don’t but they’re the things that you keep on hearing from people around you as soon as you get pregnant. I’ve heard them a lot and trying to let others know about them too 🙂

#MommyMyths Hairfall after child birth

There’s a saying that you’ll be having a pretty bad hair fall as soon as your infant starts babbling between the age of 6-9 months. That happens to be damn true, atleast with me and I’ve noticed it with my both babies.

Hairfall definitely has connections with hormonal changes during lactation period but the myths needs no logic or justifications. They’re there and we’re here to experience them.

Did you have the same experience? Or I am the special one 🙂


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