A melting wonder –  Vending machine of your dreams

Summers in Pakistan are intense with mercury rising often up to 45 C to 48 C. Walking on the streets or even going out for work feels like melting under the sun. All you need in such days is chilled sip of refreshing 7up to cheer yourself up.

Have you ever wondered about a cold drink vending machine that doesn’t charge for a chilled can of a refreshing 7up on a hot day? I always dreamt of it. Everytime I go out on a shopping spree during scorching summer days, I keep on looking for some cold drinks. Sweltering summers on the go make you crave for a refreshingly chilled drink and if it comes as a surprise, nothing beats the joy.


When it comes to outdoor advertising and unique activities that we’ve never seen before in Pakistan, 7up is always a notch higher. Like their foodie cruise and animated #AsalFoodie chat, the latest 7up outdoor activity is one of the most Awe inspiring one.

Huge ice slabs were being drilled to put 7up cans in it and then placed over each other, shaped like a vending machine. What an idea!!

Look in the video how 7up makes people happy on a hot day with their unique melting fridge or as they’ve called it a melting vending machine. Such a joyful sight it is to watch people digging into the melting surprise and enjoying a refreshingly chill sip of 7up.

Hats off to the brains behind this cute idea of melting wonder. Hope I can spot it soon too ☺


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