The #AsalFoodie TV show starts today

What is the one thing in your life that you love doing each and every day? I am sure most of us, Pakistanis will reply with khabba shabba aur kia. We are the ultimate foodies and there’s no denial that the love for food continues to grow with time and travel. My love for food begins with cooking shows on TV and it gets even better if it’s a travel show that explores best foods of a particular place.

Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture.

-Mark Kurlansky

Our rich heritage and culture with diverse food options is best explored in road shows. Guess what’s coming? A foodie TV show. The tourist and foodie soul in me is all excited for the upcoming #AsalFoodie show by 7up Pakistan. From the looks of it I am expecting a fun filled guide to the best foodie spots of Pakistan.


7up #AsalFoodie show is a four episode series with celebrity hosts including VJ Anoushey Ashraf, VJ Shehzad, Ali Hamza and Ali Safina. They’ll be seen being the ultimate foodies in each episode at different cities of Pakistan and will explore what’s the best in foodscape there. Can’t wait to have their verdict about the restaurant offerings across Pakistan.


Can’t wait to see Anoushey, Ali Safina and rest of the celebs enjoying Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from famous food places of four cities. I am so jealous of all of them who got this amazing opportunity to dine out at with 7up.


If you haven’t seen the teaser yet, here it is. I am drooling over the scrumptious food visuals of tikka, kebabs and karahi.

The 7up #AsalFoodie show will be aired every Saturday starting from 3rd October i.e Today. Don’t forget to watch it.

7Up #AsalFoodie show timings:

Aaj News – 6:30 pm
Dunya News – 5:00 pm
Urdu 1 – 11:00 pm
ATV – 11:00 pm
PTV Home – 11:00 pm
TV One – 4:00 pm
Geo Entertainment – 11:30 pm
Geo Kahani – 11:00 pm


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