Political expenditure during campaigns- Anybody cares?

Political expenditure on huge rallies and congregations in Pakistan is a relatively less talked about matter either by politicians or political parties. Politics is by far an expensive career anywhere in the world. There’s huge money behind this petty game that is hidden from common men. Apparently there is no politician who does not accept private donations for political finance. These donations come from affluent personalities or party loyalists/supporters. Motives of such donations given to political parties certainly has its effects on integrity of politicians and our system.

The unrestricted or not so regularised expenditures on political campaigns by the wealthy players of this turf makes it difficult for a common man to even think about stepping into politics. It definitely points out the social injustice in our system and gives unfair advantage to those who  can afford being there. Also, the term horse trading in our politics clearly is an example how money plays it’s role I “buying” candidates or votes. All these under the table talks and terms need to die but it will only happen if we, the people decide to act responsibly. Not only during voting but donating or supporting any politician/party.

Media is always there interested in disclosing breaking news of corruption and scandals about the hidden wealth of elected representatives. It’s not the issue about revealing assets or showing tax records. What’s most important is the honesty in the process. If democracy is for the people by the people, it should be loyal to the people too. With the recent allegations of money laundering and corruption scandals of politicians, the dire need of time is to make political expenditures public. Reforms and implementation  of disclosure laws should be the priority.

The source of money behind a political campaign or political  party shouldn’t compromise the integrity of politicians or parties. It is a common perception  that political donations are often linked with mutual benefits for the donor and recipient. This is where the electoral reforms are much needed. Make it easier and affordable for people to play their active part in politics on grass root level like local bodies election.

Pakistani Election Commission and government needs to play its role effectively to implement the already present laws governing political finance. The influx of huge donations for political parties should be properly scrutinised to regain the trust on our electoral system and politics. People have the right to know and the elected representatives are definitely answerable to their loyal supporters.

Show that you care for what’s being spent on all those huge political gatherings and demand the truth about it. It’s your right to know.


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