Satrangi black and white collection Muharram

Black and White collections just before Muharram

Name an event or festival, Brands are always there to lure customers with attractive offers, sales and new launches. Be it mother’s day or Eid, Valentines or New year’s eve, Weddings or off season sale.

Black and white collection for Muharram 2015 by Gul Ahmed

Not long ago fashion was seasonal only like ye sardi ka fashion hy aur ye garmi ka. Autumn and spring weren’t even considered fashionable seasons. These days it’s all about seasons and events as collections are sprouting much faster than the change of weather. From Valentine special collections to long list of lawn collections in Summer, then midsummer collections followed by cambric and winter collections with tarka of Eid, independence, election etc etc collections.

The timing of collections and launches is important too. Have you ever noticed why there are so many black and white collections being launched soon after EidulAzha? Any body’s guess. No?

I’ve noticed a couple of years back when a clothing store shared pictures of B&W three piece printed suits from Gul Ahmed under “Muharram collection” title and I was surprised. I posted about it in a tweet and received lots of reactions.

Although it wasn’t named by the brand as Muharram collection but everyone knew what was it for. The counter argument is that there’s a strict dress code for Muharram majalis (which according to a dear friend ain’t true as they use to wear subtle colors) & it’s good to see brands helping people get what they want without spending hours to search for black prints. As per Myth many people regardless of their sect in Pakistan don’t wear new clothes during Muharram, reason being mourning the martyrs of Karbala.


So, is it all about convenience or brands are cashing in every day of our lives?
Will you be bothered if someone is having a blow dry at a famous parlor on the day of Ashura for “natural” look? True story BTW.



One thought on “Black and White collections just before Muharram”

  1. End of World is near – i believe.

    Recently some of my colleagues were actually talking about this very topic that its not far that Muharam collections will be out on brand outlets. Seems like its here already.

    We can just pray that people start becoming conscious that these brands hurt the economy way too much and supporting them is supporting a bankrupt Pakistan.


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