#StingChallenge Finale for Amir Khan

#StingChallenge was quite a buzz when King of the ring Amir Khan collaborated with the brand and was seen in a cool advert. The famous sting event in Lahore was followed by uniquely put challenges for boxer Amir Khan by stingers. Unlike other campaigns, Amir Khan was seen interacting with his fans actively on Facebook and Twitter throughout the challenges. Unbelievable tasks were set for him to beat but Khan showed his zabardast energy and dared to take them all.


First #StingChallenge was set by Sting fans on Sting Facebook page and the enthusiasm of fans took it to 420 skips in one minute. Can you do it? No way, you might not even try to attempt it in 60 seconds but the great King Khan showed his full support and did his best. Loved his strength, energy and commitment with fans.

Second #StingChallenge was set by Sting fans on Sting Facebook page to test his punch power and oh God Amir Khan’s punch has all the energy ka jhatkaaaazzz that sting is known for. Damn powerful 👊

Sting and Amir Khan’s fans were so excited for these one of a kind interactive challenges as Amir Khan’s comments on every video and posts were encouraging and supportive. It’s like a celebrity live talk on Sting Facebook page while excitement keeps on building for the final round of upcoming #StingChallenge.

Sting fans are all charged up for setting the final challenge on Sting Facebook page. All eyes on Amir Khan now. Will he take it or leave it? I am sure he will surprise us yet again with his unbeatable energy.

Get hooked to Sting’s Facebook page until the final round of #StingChallenge being set for the King of the ring, Amir Khan. Can’t wait what’s coming his way to beat.

If you’re active on instagram you’ll love the BTS pictures of Amir Khan taking on Sting challenges. Follow Sting Pakistan’s Instagram to keep yourself  updated with the latest #StingChallenge excitement.


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