Make your meals #ExcitingAbhi

I must admit that I had a trip down memory lane after watching the recent TVC by Pepsi. It reminds me of good old college days when all you can have during class breaks is the boring canteen food and only a chilled bottle of Pepsi was there to save the day. The canteen burger might not be the fanciest but when gulped down with Pepsi, it was worth it. Memories revived.

The concept of pairing food with a cold drink might not be new but what’s exciting about Pepsi meals campaign is definitely the execution of tagline ‘Khana baney exciting’.

Today’s youth and their excitement for unique life experiences, their mantra of no-time-for-dull-moments is beautifully captured in the TVC. Food can be a little boring at times but Pepsi can jazz up the taste.

Check out how the brand conveys new Meals campaign with an aim to turn a dull, boring meal into a scrumptious one by adding Pepsi to it. The cool TVC features the hottest young stars of TV, Syra and Feroz who are seen turning their boring meals super exciting with Pepsi.

So, are you having boring food or making your meals #ExcitingAbhi?


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