Coke share a feeling

Share a feeling- Say it with Coke Emoticons

Coca-Cola has won hearts time and again with their unique campaigns and creative ads globally. Recently Coca-Cola has launched ‘Share A Feeling’ campaign in Vietnam as an extension of 2014’s ‘Share A Coke’ campaign. While Facebook is still experimenting to introduce feelings button, Coke has done it already by using universal language of emoticons on Coca-Cola cans and bottles few months ago.

I’ve stumbled upon this cute Coca-Cola Vietnam advertisement while surfing web and despite not understanding the language, I can relate to the emotions in it through emoticons. Who doesn’t love smileys and emojis. According to a scientific study when we look at a smiley face online, that same very specific part of the brain is activated as when we look at a real human face.

Ad Credits:
Concept: Droga5 Sydney
Design & Packaging, TVC, OOH, Social media: Isobar Singapore
Agencies: OgilvyOne and MediaCom.

‘Share a feeling’ campaign aims to inspire millennials to express themselves via emoticons on Coke cans and bottles. It was introduced by social media enthusiasts and celebrities in Vietnam while media partnerships with Facebook and country’s largest messaging platform Zalo helps amplify the reach of campaign.

Coke share a feeling

In the next phase of campaign, consumers will be able to personalize cans at retail outlets and customize stickers on Zalo. Millions of views of the ad and stickers download from Zalo proves that people are going crazy for saying it with a Coke emoticon bottle. The campaign is scheduled to be launched in Thailand later this year and in the Philippines next year.

By personalizing Coke bottles with names and now with emoticons, Coke is merging boundaries of virtual and physical world. Emoticons are the new universal language especially amongst youth. It’s a visual treat too. As social media has grown (and character counts have shrunk), these pictorial representations of feelings are playing a significant role in communication.

Dear Coca-Cola Pakistan! When are you planning to share a feeling? Can’t wait to say it with a Coke emoji, Ahaaaaa!!! or what about saying Oye hoaye 😜


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