Wasu hits it hard with his poetry

Thorra buhat jo fund hi aya
Sab ne mil kay bantt khaya…… Nobody can say it the way Wasu did.

Wasu Khan is a Baloch poet and popstar/rapper from Pakistan. He is very talented and sensitive when it comes to things happening around him. His simplistic satire in his poetry makes him a social commentator that a common man can easily relate to.

This time he is upset about the sad state of affairs in schools of Pakistan and rightly so. Listen to him what he has to say about our government schools and education system. All he can do is point out the flaws but will the authorities pay heed?

Social media gives you a power and that’s raising your voice, spreading awareness and be informed. If you believe in the power of digital age, spread the message of Wasu until it’s heard.

Hopefully someone from the education department listens to him too and it melts their heart. Such a shame it is to have ghost schools with ghost teachers but proper salaries. It’s a case of criminal negligence for our coming generations that we’re unable to educate them.

Be the voice of change. Be another Wasu.


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