#SweetTouchBridalShower – Dream Giveaway

I love giveaways and manage to win quite a few tbh. Who doesn’t love gifts but this one I can’t even participate 😦 Maybe its your chance. These days brands aim their campaigns by keeping in mind their target audience and what better could a cosmetic brand do then offering an extraordinary bridal shower. Kind of a dreamy event that you probably wish for. Ain’t it’s amazing? Of course it has to be coz she said yes.

#SweetTouchBridalShower is an exciting giveaway that I’ve spotted on Sweet Touch England’s Facebook page. There’s a registration form that “brides to be” should fill to qualify. (Note: The registration app only opens on computers)

Bridal Shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. Almost like all girls bachelors party with a theme and color scheme that reflects bride’s personality. How fun and exciting it could be if you can call up all your friends for it and have a fun filled party without even worrying about the budget.

#SweetTouchBridalShower Winners will get a long list of gifts. Including 👇👇

  1. A Bridal shower that offers a complete makeover to the bride and bridesmaids.
  2. Bridal Shower Invitation cards will be provided to invite Bride’s guests.
  3. Hi-Tea for the invited guests.
  4. Bride will be given “Bride-to-be” Sash.
  5. Special Bridal Shower cake will be made.
  6. Guests and bride will be given gifts.
  7. Specially designed games will be played.
  8. Makeover session and Bridal shower will be covered with pictures and videos.

Yes!! All of the above exciting stuff is just for the winning bride-to-be and her dream celebrations.

If you ever dreamt of a fancy bridal shower and luckily getting married in coming months, #SweetTouchBridalShower registration might win you an amazing day of celebrations. Say yes to celebrations in style.

Best of luck girls!! May the best bride win.


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