#ExcitingAbhi Dinner Table- That’s how you do Instagram right

Since the past week I have been noticing that Pepsi Pakistan’s Instagram account is posting some really droolworthy and appetizing pictures of meals on a fine dinner table with an inviting bottle of Pepsi. The images were strikingly yummy and eye catching but they weren’t just posted without a purpose. Just figured it out:)

The #ExcitingAbhi Dinner table is actually taking Instagram with a storm. Probably the best digital/insta campaign these days.

You need to indulge your senses in scrumptiously largest #ExcitingAbhi Dinner table of instagram to believe me. The foodie in me is totally loving it. A feast for your eyes. After all what makes a meal more exciting than a chilled Pepsi and a yummy picture of it.

Pepsi has become the first brand to use instagram that creatively in Pakistan, atleast what I have seen so far. There are 9 images of the same dinner table, clicked very creatively and posted in such a manner that it looks like a complete table when viewed on Pepsi Pakistan’s Instagram profile. The best ever use of instagram grid you’ve ever seen.

Thumbs up to the creative brains behind such cool idea. And BTW you can win some exciting giveaways from Pepsi Pakistan by posting your dinner table/meal pictures alongwith a chilled Pepsi bottle on your Instagram with the hashtag #ExcitingAbhi. There are hundreds of posts by people already who are making their Khana Exciting Abhi with Pepsi.

What are you waiting for then? Go grab your Pepsi and make your meal #ExcitingAbhi. Don’t forget to instagram it coz it might make you win something exciting 🙂


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