Mana lo food ka love #7UpWinters style

Associating a cold drink with winter and that too convincingly with a bonfire is what 7Up Pakistan has just done. #7UpWinters video features an exclusively written and composed song (Not just a jingle) being sung by the next superstar voice, Aima Baig. Yes! summer wine fame Aima baig, our very own Lana Del Re.

“Mind blowing” is the word to explain what I felt after watching and listening #7UpWinters song. Mana lo food ka love jingle has got a new life with this song by Aima. I can’t stop humming it right now. It’s so catchy that I am sure its going to be a smashing hit of the season. Such a melodious tune and her voice sounds just perfect. Sardi, bonfire, music, bbq aur 7Up k sath ye gaana.

Watch the #7UpWinters song and see how good it actually looks in the video. Friends gathering for a fun bonfire night, great bbq food and of course 7up makes a super combo. Aur kiya chahiae?

Summers have an extended stay this year but finally we are welcoming winters (specially in Karachi) and it’s perfect time for a bonfire and delicious bbq night with 7Up. I can’t wait to arrange one for my family, at the beach maybe 🙂

There are few exciting giveaways coming your way very soon from 7Up. Get hooked to 7Up social media profiles then and you might win.

Make your winters as cool as #7UpWInters and enjoy with friends and family.

Bon-(fire) Appetite!!


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