Can you guess what’s coming?

The best part about riddles is that they keep your mind wandering for the answers and the right answer, if popped into your mind instantly is such a joy. I love riddles and puzzles. Who doesn’t?

Something similar is going on with Pepsi Pakistan’s upcoming campaign.  For the new season the brand is hinting towards something very interesting and big but this time it’s a guessing game. Apparently Pepsi wants the fans to guess what they’re coming up with next. Loved the idea of it.

Be it Dil manage more or #ExcitingAbhi every new campaign of Pepsi comes with a novel concept. With the social media boom, advertising has become demanding and it’s good to see brands understanding this with great use of it. Just like the recent Pepsi Instagram Dinner Table .


What could these question marks suggest? It’s like the bottle is saying something or they might be changing logo. I am kinda confused but it could be customized Pepsi. What say?

Can you guess it? Checkout these hints and follow Pepsi Pakistan on Facebook, Twitter and instagram to know more about the new campaign.

Stay hooked till Pepsi reveals what’s in store for fans and don’t forget to share your guesses. Tab tak just keep making your meals #ExcitingAbhi 🙂


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