#SOT2015 to feature special sessions and Gymboree talks dedicated to Parenting in Digital Age

Early Child Development is a concept that is gaining a lot of attention around the globe and in Pakistan, as well, recently. ECD is the process every human being undergo through first five years of life. This development is the yardstick to size the physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth. According to research up to 80% of the brain develops before the age of five that is why learning at this age is far quicker than any other point of life.


School of Tomorrow International Education and Cultural Festival, understanding the importance of ECD and other child related issues, have organised various sessions at the #SOT2015 regarding child development and childcare. The core idea behind SOT 2015 is to understand how external forces such as geopolitics and global security, media and digital technologies, art and culture and the environment and society are shaping 21st century schools and to propose new directions for the future.

Should children under 13 be on Facebook? Is an important session considering the way social media is (ab)used in Pakistan. This session is expected explore the pros and cons of children under 13 using Facebook, Reasons for the inefficacy of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and the risks and threats posed to children as active Facebook users.

There are two dedicated Gymboree talk sessions at #SOT2015. Gymboree is world leader of Early Childhood development programme that is present in over 30 countries across the globe. The Gymboree Talk on day one is titled “What is Normal? Developmental milestones in young children” moderated by Pakistan’s only Gymboree certified trainer Ms. Sophia Kasim Kasuri. The Gymboree Talk on day two will be about Dubbed Cartoons and our Children: Cultural invasion redefined. In this very talk creators of “Quaid Se Baatain” Ms. Zahra Saleha Ahmed, and Daniyal Noorani will be speaking.

Apart from these there are various other sessions dedicated to children and child development such as Vaneeza Ahmed’s session on healthy food, session on The influence of adult themes in children’s movies which will be focusing on The effect of movies on children’s growth, development and lives in general,  The accuracy of western movie ratings for children from different societies with different cultural backgrounds, and Interventions and opportunities to limit overexposure to under-prepared children. The session titled “What Your Child is Not Telling You” is dedicated to explore the causes and effects of anxiety in children, Understanding the impact of separation anxiety (e.g.  Anxiety of going into a new class, birth of a sibling), Fears and phobias in children (e.g. of animals, storms, heights, the dark, loud noises etc.) and Ways to support children experiencing stress and anxiety.
Famous journalist Mr. Norbert Almeida is going to conduct a special workshop on day two of #SOT2015 on How can adults help children maximise the Internet’s benefits while minimising the risks.

School of Tomorrow is Pakistan’s first and largest of its kind international Education and Cultural Festival that is taking place this weekend (28-29 November) in Karachi at Beach Luxury Hotel.


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