Can’t wait to say it with #PepsiMoji

According to a study, world’s 2 billion smartphone users send over six billion emoticons in text messages alone every single day. Yes! Every single day. That pretty much explains the power and popularity of Emojis/emoticons amongst youth. Even when it comes to text messages, words have shrunk from OK to K and Get well soon to GWS.

Probably that’s the reason that Pepsi decided to launch #PepsiMoji in Canada for the first time ever in June, 2014. The campaign was a huge success and continued in US and Thailand too. I was waiting for emojis to land in Pakistan and we just got it.

Finally, #PepsiMoji makes it to Pakistan with some really cool and desi Emojis. Brand has intelligentaly incorporated local adaptation of Emojis that we can actually relate to and use them to tell a story like this.


I just love the popcorn Emojis and would love to see some more of foodie ones. Like a chicken piece one or a victory sign. Maybe a fashionista emoji or a cricket addict. Would love to have social media addiction walay emoticons. What say?


I am kinda excited to see such a globally recognised and popular campaign in Pakistan and desperately waiting to welcome it. Ain’t you?

Storytelling through #PepsiMoji is going to be the next big thing, I am sure. Can’t wait to see Emojis on every Pepsi bottle on my next visit to the superstore kyun k ye dil mangay more.


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