#AarahaHaiX by Mobilink creates suspense

It all begins with a tweet by Mobilink Deputy CEO Amir Ibrahim that keeps Twitter Pakistan on the edge to know more about what is being claimed as the most exciting telecom news of the year. #AarahaHaiX was born out of curiosity and gone viral in few hours.

With the teaser image featuring gorgeous Nargis Fakhri, #AarahaHaiX garnered more attention.

Twitter Pakistan was all about #AarahaHaiX last night. The Hashtag is still trending as I am writing this.

Mobilink has yet to spill the beans about the campaign and they’ve successfully created a curiosity on social media about #AarahaHaiX. Some guessed it to be about the Mobilink-Warid merger while others believe X could have been a chance to dine with Nargis Fakhri. The guessing game is still on.

We’re still not sure. Only time or Mobilink can tell what exactly X is. The confirmed bit is that X is a series of new handsets that include a feature phone as well as smartphones in various sizes and price categories, to be launched by Pakistan’s best 3G provider, Mobilink.

Let’s wait and watch kyun k #AarahaHaiX


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