GIFs rule New Year wishes on Social media

It’s 2016 & everyone is wishing it in their own style but what was the social media trend? This year there was a storm of GIF wishes all over social media platforms, specially Twitter and Facebook. PakistanI brands used the format smartly and created a buzz on New year’s eve.

Just look at cute chester. How interestingly the cool cat of Cheetos welcomes the new year in style. Ain’t it amazing?


New year’s eve is incomplete without fireworks just like the flavorsome explosion of crunchy Kurkure in your mouth. Pretty relatable han!!


Little joys of life lies in celebrating moments like new years and how could lays forget that. #CountdowntoMidnight was also started by the brand with this.


And the best one is by none other than Mountain Dew. Hands down. Let’s #DiveintotheNewYear in style. Do the dew man!


I love the creativity by Pakistani brands to celebrate New years. Which GIF you like the most? I hope all 🙂


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