Why shy when you can #SayitwithPepsi

Digital media is a turf that not many brands in Pakistan are using to its potential, despite the fact that social media presence of PakistanI consumers is growing day in and day out. Pepsi is one of the leading digital media experts when it comes to creative content and marketing. So many unique campaigns on various platforms keep the fans of the brand always engaged and entertained.

Pepsi’s latest emoji campaign #SayitwithPepsi is the talk of the town these days. Pretty quirky and smart emoji content has totally taken over social media with a storm. Afterall, emojis are the language of youth worldwide. Who doesn’t love to express through cute emoticons? Specially when there’s a huge range of cool n eye catching Pepsi Emojis are here.

I remember the first bumper of #SayitwithPepsi that I’ve came across was Dil Dil Pakistan and it instantly clicked in my mind. I actually feel related to it. There’s no stopping since then. Loved every new emoji stories that Pepsi has come up with like the winter video and how cute were the bottles saluting at Quaid’s tomb.

I’ve sent Pepsi bottles with a cake emoji as invitation for my daughter’s first birthday and every body just loved it.

Planning to have a BBQ party too with some cool Pepsi emoji bottles as souvenirs for guests. I am sure they’ll love it.

How are you saying it with Pepsi?


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